Sicilia 2017: Mercato del pesce di Catania e altre sicilianità (Sicily 2017: Catania fish market and other Sicilian things)

Sicily 2017: Catania, Val di Noto (Ibla, Modica, Noto), Siracusa-Ortigia. Che dire? What can I say? Beautiful, vital, real, gutsy, honest, crumbling, excessive, generous, poor, rich – everything and its opposite.
I will post some Sicilian recipes soon. I need time to readjust myself to London rhythms first.

5 thoughts on “Sicilia 2017: Mercato del pesce di Catania e altre sicilianità (Sicily 2017: Catania fish market and other Sicilian things)

    1. ciao domenica
      thanks. Sicily is really a magical place, sort of the essence of the South of Italy, full of contrasts and life. ugliness and splendor


  1. Ciao David. Thanks. … Sicily was/is amazing: even for me, an Italian born, it does feel exotic and one cannot help being hypnotized by so much beauty. There is lot of ugliness around some cities, but some the historic centers are really amazing. I can highly recommend Ibla, the old Ragusa and Ortigia. We stayed in Catania just for the day: nice city, with the most beautiful fish market (and good cannoli!) but perhaps not the place to stay more than a couple of days (from this point of view, as city bases: Palermo is much better, I think – more to see)/but Catania is a good starting point for Taormina and then, hitting south, for the beautiful Val di Noto (Unesco heritages sites)
    Mediterranean sword fish has been on the NO Fish Slow Fish list for years (as well as tuna): I did have it once in Sicily, because I felt it was the right place to have it (and actually I did not even enjoy it that much: I had forgotten how bland it is, in comparison to tuna), but I would not have it here in the UK (for the same reason I do not have tuna here: I stick to mackerel, sardines and herrings)
    the food is very good: especially the one u can buy and cook yourself. The cassatina in the picture is from Caffè Siclia in Noto, a venerable institution: can I be honest: it was good of course, but not as good as the one I make: most Sicilian sweets are far too sweet, for me…. but hey, that’s their trademark
    speak u soon. ciao, st


    1. Thanks for all those good pointers, Stefano. I have been warned by others, as well, that one needs to get past the ugliness surrounding the cities to get to the exotic beauty of Sicily. Taormina is high on my list, but some of the other places you mentioned are new to me, especially the Val di Noto.

      I try to be really good about the seafood I use but sometimes I goof. Mostly I eat wild salmon, which is readily available here. The shrimp from the Gulf of México are also quite nice, as are the mussels from the Northeast coast. So many types of fish aren’t available here.

      Have a great day, my friend.


  2. Stefano – I am already getting excited for our trip Sicily next year, although our small group has not decoided where we will stay for our two weeks. Catania is one consideration – because we have friends there – but who knows? I love your photos, and look forward to an authentic cassata (or cassatina) when there. Also, considering your comment on Cocoa & Lavender, I was surprised to see so much pesce spada available if it’s endangered. I am really looking forward to your Sicilian recipes. Welcome home!


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