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Benvenuti!  I am Stefano Arturi and  I run hands-on classes in Italian cooking from my kitchen on Highbury Fields in Islington.

Until 2014 I was running my own Italian restaurant in Lyme Regis, and before that I was researching and writing cookery books. I have yet to find a more delectable way of enjoying life than immersing myself in the world of cooking.

Here, at Italian home cooking, is where I want to share my knowledge of Italian cucina casalinga – authentic Italian home cooking.

In most of the classes, we’ll concentrate our energies cooking a whole meal from start to finish. We’ll make the day as much fun as possible but I’ll also make sure you really learn something useful that you can take back home with you and feel confident you can cook for your family and friends. So there’s plenty of hands-on participation combined with some demonstration so you can relax a bit. At the end we’ll sit down to taste what we’ve been making. Anything you don’t eat on the day, you can take back home with you.

As well as learning how to cook the individual dishes that are the focus of the class, you’ll also learn some techniques – how to make hand-made pasta, how to make a real pasta frolla (Italian sweet pastry) or focaccia. But beyond the recipes and techniques, you’ll learn what’s distinctive about Italian cooking, what goes with what, how to plan an Italian meal, how to think in Italian! It’s both simpler and harder than you might think – but it’s always fun.