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In Italian Home Cooking, we’ll be going on a journey through Italy. Later, in the spring and summer of next year, we’ll explore the warm South – Rome, Naples and Sicily. But we start off in Northern Italy whose cooking suits particularly well the British climate and the produce of the colder months –butter, pumpkin, cream, mascarpone, pork, sage, apples and pears. Although the same basic ingredients are used throughout northern Italy, they are cooked in different ways in each region. Part of the fun of Italian cooking is finding out how recipes vary between regions depending on geography and climate. Whatever the region, however, they all share an insistence on the quality of the ingredients – which is why (just occasionally) we may change the recipe by the time you get to class if the main ingredients needed are not top quality.

Once you’ve taken a look at the contents of each class, choose one or more of them and go to the Book a Class page to book your place. Or buy a voucher as a gift for someone you know who loves cooking or eating Italian food. All classes take place at my home kitchen in Highbury.

Autumn and Winter 2018 classes:
 tour through Italy – regional cooking from North to South
The Autumn and Winter classes will be focusing mainly on Northern Italian cooking, with a special emphasis on the cooking from Lumbardy and Piedmont:  lots of sumptuous risotti, polenta dishes, stuffed pasta, gratins, semi-freddi and panna cotta

Please drop me a line if you are interested and we can discuss the program & dates, in a more specific form