Riso e cozze (rice and mussels)

Riso e cozze (rice and mussels)A typical example of cucina degli avanzi, leftovers cooking. I had some leftover mussels from the night before (cozze alla marinara,  mussels cooked in a tomato, parsley and garlic broth) and, on the spur of the moment, I decided to transform them into a rice and mussels dish, for supper.

I shelled the mussels, making sure not to loose any of the  flavorsome broth and to scrape off the shells not just the meat but also all the lovely  bits that had been left over, fragments of chopped shallots and garlic, tomato pieces,  shards of chopped parsley.  I was left with a nice bowl of inviting tomato and mussel broth. I then simmered the empty shelves in fresh water (to barely cover them) for about 15 minutes. I drained them, keeping this fishy water, which I then reduced further.

I heated the leftover mussel meat & juices, I added some rice (a couple of small fistfuls per person) and some of the fishy broth. I cooked at a brisk simmer, occasionally adding more fishy broth, until the rice was tender.
I finished this riso e cozze with a good benedizione (benediction) of excellent extra virgin olive oil


7 thoughts on “Riso e cozze (rice and mussels)

  1. Love spur of the moment recycled dishes like this one. Funnily enough, I used a very similar broth to cook cauliflower last night, with some leftover homemade maltagliati… Similar technique though an completely different dish. I guess that’s what makes cooking so endlessly interesting.


    1. They add a little fishiness/saltiness… do not expect tons of flavor though. Apparently one can also make a beautiful fish soup using see stones,,,? I wonder…


  2. This is a great idea, Stefano – but I love mussels so much that I would never have any leftover! So I would simply have to start our making this dish on purpose.


    1. I love mussels also because they are, at least here in London, affordable. The price of vongole (clams) is on the contrary just mad. Hazan has a lovely mussel sauce/soup in Marcella Cucina by the way, using basil – if u want to compare. s


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