Patate alla pizzaiola – Potatoes pizzaiola 

In classic Italian cookery, when something is cooked  “alla pizzaiola” (pizza-style),  it means it has tomatoes and origano (sometimes garlic too),  as in the most basic topping for pizza.

Patate alla pizzaiola belongs to that army of homely dishes that are the backbone, almost the unsung heroes,  of Italian cookery:  simple affairs, often vegetarian, quickly assembled, generally rather economical and immensely satisfying.

This is not “a recipe”, just, I would say, “a way with” potatoes – once you understand the idea, you can really play with it. No quantities are really necessary. Use as many potatoes as you deem necessary, according to how many people you are feeding and depending on the rest of the meal.

This is what I do:

I  part cook large waxy potatoes, until half done. When cool, I peel and slice them into one cm thick slices.  I layer them on a tray, oiled or lined with parchment paper.  I brush them with oil and I shower them lightly with pecorino. I roast them in a hot oven, until golden. Sometimes I have skipped pre-cooking the potatoes and jumped into roasting them (it takes longer of course).  Be easy on the salt, if using at all, because you wil be adding savoury bits later on.

Remove the try from the oven (without switching it off) and let the potatoes cool down a little. Transfer them, in an oiled frying pan or oven dish, in a single layer, slightly overlapping them. Sprinkle with dry oregano and generous pecorino.  Add to taste: capers, snippets of (olive oil) anchovy fillets, black olives, sun dried tomatoes.
Cover the potatoes with chunks of canned plum tomatoes.
Drizzle with oil, shower with dry breadcrumbs and extra pecorino. Drizzle again with oil. Put it back in the oven, until the potatoes develop a light crust. Remove and rest at room temperature for about fifteen minutes before eating

To make the dish more substantial, you could add some sliced smoked mozzarella (scamorza in Italian)

9 thoughts on “Patate alla pizzaiola – Potatoes pizzaiola 

  1. *smile* Noticed this beauty on Instagram. Now I am the odd person who eats potatoes about twice a year – I cannot pay you a bigger compliment than to sat your recipe sounds so moreish it will be copied soonest . . . and I think more than once !!


    1. … my english partner is always telling me off because we do not potatoes that often… I sort of… forget.. then, when I cook them, I am reminded how much I like them


    1. ciao Jo… io non le mangio spesso, e quando le rimangio (sempre gli stessi soliti piatti) mi dico: che cretino che sono: sono ottime e dovrei mangiarne di piu! /sulla linea: amica nutrizionista mi ha consigliato libro: How to retrain your appetite, scritto da psicologa che da anni lavora con persone che vogliono perdere peso. molti spunti utili. st

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