La pastiera 2017

This year’s pastiera (ricotta and wheat Easter pie). For a change, I made a lard and butter pasta frolla (italian sweet pastry): super crumbly and a nightmare to work with, but it tastes delicious (humbly, he said). Very happy to  have  found the original fialetta,  the extra-tiny glass bottles full of excellent and powerful orange blossom water, from Naples, which gives this splendid cake its haunting perfume.   The recipe is the traditional  one, from Carola Francesconi. Happy Easter everyone.

7 thoughts on “La pastiera 2017

  1. Love this, Stefano – and thanks for the hint about fialetta – I will be looking for that now! Tanti auguri per una buona Pasqua!


    1. ciao david, buona pasqua anche a te + fialetta: it is the first time I have found it here in London, before I used good quality orange blossom water. Sometimes in Naples they put so much orange water that the whole cake becomes inedible for me, so I was always suspicious these little fialette.the one I used is rather subtle but noticeable.


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