La sfoglia con 40 tuorli – 40 yolk pasta dough (Piedmontese cooking)


When making fresh egg pasta, the most common ratio is 1 egg for every 100 g flour. However,  the sfoglia (that is the name of the pasta dough in Italian) can be  as rich/lean as the cook wants. I was recently reminded of this whilst browsing a little book about traditional Piedmontese cooking , Ricette di Osterie di Langa,  published by Slowfood few years ago. Continue reading “La sfoglia con 40 tuorli – 40 yolk pasta dough (Piedmontese cooking)”

Sformato autunnale di tre verdure (layered autumn three vegetable terrine from Piemonte)

Time to change gear: autumn is here and I want to explore more of the wonderful northern Italian repertoire, which I think lends itself better to this time of the year.

This vegetable terrine hails from Piemonte, or, to be precise, from this tremendous book about Piedmeontese cooking: if you read Italian, do get it. This is not your typical recipe driven cookery book but one where the emphasis is on food as culture.
it is a layered affair of cooked chopped vegetables, with each vegetable layer enriched with eggs and béchamel sauce: an excellent example of that Italian bourgeois , Sunday lunch cooking, now almost disappeared. Continue reading “Sformato autunnale di tre verdure (layered autumn three vegetable terrine from Piemonte)”

Funghi al forno alla pugliese (roasted stuffed mushrooms Puglia-style)

A simple, quick and delicious supper. Large Portobello mushrooms are stuffed with eggs, pecorino cheese, parsley and garlic and then roasted.Thirty minutes or so later they emerge from the oven with a light, cheesy crust and still juicy underneath. I had them with some  prosciutto crudo and a little fennel and roquette salad. This recipe comes from Puglia, the heel of Italy, homeland of amazing vegetables and excellent vegetarian food and I have adapted it from one by food journalist Alessandro Molinari Pradelli, author of many notable cookery books. A liberal hand with the oil is what makes this humble dish stand out. Continue reading “Funghi al forno alla pugliese (roasted stuffed mushrooms Puglia-style)”